• New Playing Kit- Season 22-23

    Posted by Jamie Cooper on 28 March 2022

    All members please read!

    As of September, the club (including the academy) will have a new playing kit.

    We are hoping that the majority of players will purchase all or at least some of the new kit.

    As part of our rollout we are going to offer 4 nights of "come and try on", where you will be able to try on different sizes to find the appropriate fit for you or your child. Kit on offer to try on will be playing shirts and shorts/skorts. Sizes to try on are listed below however larger sizes will be available to order if needed.

    Junior: SJ-XLJ

    Womens: 6-18

    Men: Youth-2XL

    A full set of kit including home and away shirts, shorts and socks will be on display as well at each evening so you can see what the final kit will look like.

    You will be able to place orders on these evenings with special first time order prices.

    A "full set" of kit package (home and away shirts, home and away socks and shorts/skorts) will cost £70 for juniors and £80 for adults. Individual pieces of kit will also be a available to order however will have different costs.

    Ordering after the deadline date will mean an increase in price for kit as TAG are offering the above prices as a one off deal.

    The 4 nights will be:

    Monday 28th March @ The Ellis Astro. I'll be there 7.30-9.00.

    Thursday 31st March @ The Ellis Astro. 7.30-9.30

    Tuesday 5th April @ The Henhurst Social Club. 7.00-9.00

    Wednesday 6th April @ The Ellis Astro. 6.30-9.00

    The Burton 1/4 Zip Training tops will also be available to order at an extra cost but I won't have all sample sizes.

    Shirt numbers will be given on a first come first served basis.

    If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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  • Start of Season

    Posted by Jamie Cooper on 30 August 2021

    Training updates for the new season, only a slight change to the timetable from last season.

    Training sessions starting the week commencing 30th August:

    Tuesday 31st 8.00-9.30 Mens 5s and Badgers

    Wednesday 1st 6.30-8.00 Ladies 3s and 4s

    8.00-9.30 Ladies 1s and 2s

    Thursday 2nd 7.00-8.30 Men's 3s and 4s

    8.00-9.30 Men's 1s and 2s

    Training sessions starting the week commencing 6th September:

    Monday 6th 7.35- 9.00 Mixed (Men's 1s 2s and 3s, Ladies 1s and 2s)

    Tuesday 7th 6.30-8.00 U14s-U18s Boys and Girls

    Training sessions starting the week commencing 13th September:

    Monday 13th 6.00-6.30 U8s

    6.35-7.35 U10s and U12s

    If you are unsure which session(s) you should attend please don't hesitate to ask.

    Hopefully see lots of you back at training over the coming weeks,


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  • Competition Time!

    Posted by Jamie Cooper on 28 March 2021


    The club is going to start selling 1/4 zip tops intended to be worn at training and on matchdays. We would like you to design a top and then submit it to the club email account: burtonhockeyclub1899@gmail.com.

    A panel will then judge the entries and choose a winning design. The winning entry will get a free 1/4 zip training top of their design and their design made available to the rest of the club.

    Please use the following link to design the top of your choice: https://tagsportswear.co.uk/kit-builder/...

    The only requirement for the top is that it has BURTON HC written on the back of the top.

    The deadline for entries is Friday 2nd at 7pm.

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  • Training Update

    Posted by Jamie Cooper on 23 August 2020

    We are going to return to all senior training this week. The schedule will be as follows:

    Tuesday: Men's Club Training 8.00-9.30 This is for all male members in the 3s, 4s, 5s and Badgers.

    Wednesday: Ladies Club Training 6.30-8.00 This is for female members in the 3s, 4s and badgers.
    Ladies Advanced Training 7.30- 9.30 This is for female members in the 1s, 2s and invitees.

    Thursday: Men's Advanced 7.00-9.00 This is for male members in the 1s, 2s and invitees.

    If you are unsure which session to attend please ask and we can let you know.

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  • Badgers Season Report

    Posted by Jamie Cooper on 25 June 2020

    2019/20 proved to be yet another relatively successful season for the Burton Badgers squad (now known as Burton Rhinos after new name allocations by the league organisers!). From their 18 games played (sadly reduced slightly by the Covid-19 outbreak), the Rhinos won 9 games, drew only 1 and lost 8, scoring 44 goals in total and conceding 31 – not a bad return in only their second season as a team. Season highlights included comprehensive 6-1 and 10-0 wins in the first half of the season and a 5-1 win away in Newcastle-under-Lyme in January (where Aiden Raw and Lewis Smith both scored two quick goals and fought hard to be the first to secure a hat-trick but both ultimately failing!). Another magnificent achievement was keeping a clean sheet in a 0-0 draw with a Barton team consisting of 3 adult players – including their keeper – and the odd older kid introduced during the second half. This was all the more remarkable considering Aiden Raw was a voluntary keeper and the defence included debutant Luke Dunne, who allowed very little past him! Several players had stints in goals in the second half of the season for which they should be commended. We had a core group of players this year available for most games, making it easier for us to play with a full quota of players. Indeed most of these players only missed games due to injury, illness or promotion to the Mens V. Jack Shore, Lewis Smith and Sam Johnston all made the most appearances, each only missing one game, and Aiden Raw was top goalscorer with 11 goals, with Oliver Frost second with 9 goals (in only 5 games) and Isaac Farmer third with 8 goals, including a purple patch towards the end of the season. Lewis Smith discovered he could actually hit the ball, resulting in an improved goal tally! Several players will be old enough to play adult hockey next year so we look forward to some new blood next season, including hopefully more girls. We are a mixed team but the one disappointment this year was the high proportion of girls graduating out of the Academy but showing no interest in playing for the Badgers (Freya Boldy and Megan Thomas being the notable exceptions). Thanks to all the players who participated this year and a big thank you to everyone who umpired for us and to all the parents who provided transport for the players and assisted in the preparation of home teas. Keep safe everyone and hope we can all meet up again soon.

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  • Men's 5th Team Season Report

    Posted by Jamie Cooper on 24 June 2020

    It was a transition season for the Burton Mens 5XI, the team started the season struggling for players and finished with a talented influx of young Academy players who turned 13 and so could start league Hockey.


    Once again, the team was in the capable hands of captain and goal keeper, Gianni De Frary, who instils a great team ethic in the squad and this lifted the team even when short of players at the start of the season. A good start to the season in goal ended with injury and Cae stepped in to finish the season getting better in each game.


    A strong defence of the Asker twins, Craig and Carl, or was it Carl and Craig? together with Barney proved a consistent and reliable wall throughout the season. While Joel provided the young legs at the back and he played consistently well throughout the season and started driving down the wing.


    With the team struggling for players and even having to default one game, the call went out for former members. It was such a success the Government later adopted the policy for health workers. Back from retirement to get their aching body’s back on the pitch and help out the mighty 5th team saw the legend Niall Bradfield, one legged Steve Morrison, Richard Bullock, John ‘PUDSEY’ Glover and even Shorty came back to playing adult games.


    An ever-changing midfield saw Trevor calling the shots, with his stunning skills and pace? He was the man building the attacks and setting the forwards free. Supported by mazy runs for Azar, even more veteran experience from Nick, James and Graham with Chris the calming influence in midfield!


    Up front Magnus lead the line and was top scorer before Christmas in the league, then an operation slowed him down. Giving him a chase for the team’s top scorer it was a welcome return for Luke who caused total confusion in the oppositions defence. George also chipping in with some fine attacking play.


    One of the 5th team’s goals is to support young players coming through the academy in their first experience of Mens hockey. As the season went on more and more youngsters came into the team. With Sam, Charlie, Rhys, Aiden and Oliver all showing good skills and versatility in playing in different positions as requested. 


    The team finished 4th in the league and this was a fair reflection of their performances in the league. The real success of the team will be how the youngsters develop and if the 5th team have instilled in them the love of the game all the older players show.

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  • Men's 4th Team Season Report

    Posted by Jamie Cooper on 23 June 2020

    The Men’s 4s gain PROMOTION!

    The Men’s 4s were in 2nd place in the league at close of play (with 2 games remaining) and following the leagues calculations, keeping their well deserved 2nd place meaning that they have gained promotion for next season. The only team in the club to have done so.

    The season compromised of 13 wins, 2 draws and 4 defeats. The team scored 69 goals whilst conceding 37. The team used a large number of different players with players moving up and progressing whilst others were used from the 5th team to help support the 4s when needed.

    The season didn’t start too well for the 4s having lost 3 of the first 5 games. Following that spell the team picked up maximum points on all games bar 2 (1 draw and 1 loss), going on a hot 12 game unbeaten run. Another highlight of the season was being the only team to beat runaway league leaders Beeston down at the Ellis (they did not like this!). The highest scoring game was a massive 11-1 win vs Nottingham 5s with 5 different names on the scoring list.

    The team has been made up most weeks of a good blend of experience and youth and both groups have benefitted from this. Youngsters Rahul Pai, Brandon Logan, Dan Horsey Elson and William Bickerton Jones have come on leaps and bounds across the season and will be looking to push the players in the teams above for their places come next season (whenever that is).  The team had 2 goal scorers surpass double figures with one of those scoring more than 20 goals, with many more chipping in with goals across the season. 10 players in the group have played 13 or more games and that level of commitment has really made a difference to performances week in week out and we hope to see this commitment again next season.

    Thank you to those that have been involved in running the team across the season.

    Congratulations to the Men’s 4s!!

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  • Lockdown Hockey

    Posted by Jamie Cooper on 23 June 2020

    We are now starting to organise groups and schedule times and dates for some lockdown hockey. Attached is the full club Risk Assessment for this period. Please can you give this a read before coming for your time slot taking particular notice of entrance and exit procedures. As we are still in very precarious times anybody not following these rules will be asked to leave and not allowed back during this phase. I'm sure everyone will be sensible and safe anyway.

    To clear up a few things:

    -These slots are not coaching sessions, it is an opportunity as an INDIVIDUAL to have some time on the pitch

    -NO tackling or contact is to take place, even from those within the same household

    -You will be asked to keep any belongings you bring onto the pitch within your given playing area (where possible just bring a stick). If the weather is bad and you have a bag with you we suggest you bring a bin bag to put your belongings in.

    -There will be NO access to toilets, the lockup or the cabin

    -2 meter social distancing rules are in place on and around the site so please follow them

    As a final note, we are giving this opportunity free of charge but are asking you to make a donation to the club if you wish. There will be a donation box at the pitch but you can also donate by sending a payment to the club accounts. As a reference could you please put your initials and the word donation.

    Any questions please do ask before you come for your time slot.

    Risk Assessment

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  • Ladies 4th Team Season Report

    Posted by Jamie Cooper on 22 June 2020

    After promotion from Division 3 in the 18/19 season, the Ladies 4s made a strong start to the season, despite not having the luxury of a consistent squad week on week. Tactical squad selections meant that we had plenty of goals and plenty of points prior to the Christmas break coming away with wins from 6 out of 9 games.

    Sitting comfortably in 3rd in the league post-Christmas, we could have been accused of an element of complacency, and post-Christmas this showed in our results taking a turn for the worse. a combination of league enforced 're Registrations and poor availability across the board meant that we struggled to get a full, comprehensive squad out into a pitch for a number of weeks and this naturally had an impact on our gameplay.

    The break saw us lose some of our more experienced U16s to higher squads, a great opportunity in their development, but also saw us welcome some new regulars (and adults!) into the squad.

    Although the second half of the season had us in trying circumstances, and taking into account this year's squad looked very different to the the squad that achieved promotion last year we finished 7th overall.  All credit is due to the girls who stepped out every weekend and put in 100% into their game and took on board all of the constructive feedback from on field players, sideline coaches and half-time team talks.

    It has been a pleasure as a goalkeeper and a captain to watch every individual in the squad develop throughout the season, from our young forwards to the (slightly) older and more experienced defensive back line who have helped me to do my job in keeping the ball out of the net!

    We are all looking forward to getting back out onto the actor as soon as we can to start our next campaign!

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  • Men's 3rd Team Season Report

    Posted by Jamie Cooper on 21 June 2020

    This was to be Ben Meir’s second term as Captain following a successful first term in which the 3s were awarded Team of the Year for the previous season.

    Due to League shuffling we were placed in a different league which seemed to suit us geographically as a lot more of our games were much more local, it was also nice to face some new teams.  Both us and our illustrious neighbours Barton moved in the same geographical direction however at the last minute they appeared to grab promotion to the league above us even though we finished many league places and points ahead of them as they felt they were ‘well placed to handle a higher level’??? but more on that later…

    Pre-season included a trip to new league opposition Belper 2s/3s/4s which was good as we got a good result and Craney got a notable telling off for his innocent attempt at alliteration toward an opponent.  Craney accepted his telling off while ensuring that he would be putting his name down to cook teas when they visited us.

    First game of the season saw us host Mansfield a self-relegated team which had enabled Barton’s ascension.  We beat them 7-1 and we thought we were magnificent.  Next game proved we weren’t quite as magnificent as we thought as we lost to Belper 4s – our moral sank much like Belper’s pitch! What followed were a collection of draws we should have won and narrow wins which we would have thrashed 5-0 last year.  Then came the big one, probably the game of the season against League leaders Belper 3’s and a standout moment for our youngster who came of age in the match.  The moment came with Belper 2-1 up deep into the second half and Belper getting frustrated with each other for not putting the game out of sight.  A long ball and a cracker of a pass from Kev Stanyon to our young (and previously diminutive) Alex Farmer who fired into the D with the perfect pass for Tom Gibbs to put the ball away – BOOM! GOAL! It was particularly fantastic to see the shock on Belper’s faces.  The whole team was buzzing and we celebrated our draw like a world cup win late into the night. 

    The numbers then – we played 20 games winning 10 of them, drawing 3 and losing 7.  Goals for - 50 with top scorer being Ike with 14 this year and 37 goals against. Bigger’s post-match teas took last year’s title from Pilgrim who came in a respectable second. A great year to look back on with goals, misses, broken thumbs, sunken cars, strops and a storming off but most of all plenty of laughs.

    Due to the sudden close of play brought on by Covid-19 the league did some maths and apparently the algorithm had us finishing 5th in the league, the same as last year.  Captain Ben Meir would like to thank all of his players, the club and the coaches who have helped the 3s as he steps aside for someone to take over the pleasure of this captaincy. Oh and the Team who were ‘well placed to handle a higher level’ have come straight back down as they were clearly not up to it. Roll on next season!

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