Please find the hard working folk who keep our beloved Club ticking along all tickety boo, the 2017/18 Committee..

President                              Willie Welch
Chairman Ian Brown
Vice Chairman Simon Saccaggi
Secretary Andy Ball
Mens Club Captain Vacant
Ladies Club Captain Amy Palmer
Treasurer Ian Whetton
Social Secretary Fran Lord
Umpires Secretary Russell Davenport
Brewsters Captain Vacant
Youth Academy Director  
Men's Fixtures Secretary Joe Stamper
Ladies Fixture Secretary Leanne Docksey
Press Secretary Graham Lamb
Media/Website Mark Northcott / Steve Goodfellow

And below are our valiant captains..

1st Team Capt (M) Martin Jarvis
1st Team Vice (M) Vacant
2nd Team Capt (M) Vacant
2nd Team Vice (M) Vacant
3rd Team Capt (M) Vacant
3rd Team Vice (M) Vacant
4th Team Capt (M) Garrick Dillon
4th Team Vice (M) Glyn HOlland
5th Team Capt (M) Vacant
5th Team Vice (M) Vacant
6th Team Capt (M) Mark Shorthouse
6th Team Vice (M) Vacant
1st Team Capt (L) Amy Palmer
1st Team Vice (L) Fran Lord
2nd Team Capt (L) Chloe Logan
2nd Team Vice (L) Vacant
3rd Team Capt (L) Alice Hawkins
3rd Team Vice (L) Emma Cantrill-Jones
4rd Team Capt (L) Steph Thandi
4rd Team Vice (L) Zoe Ridley
Mixed Team Capt Jamie Cooper
Mixed Team Capt