Here is your chance to join the Burton Hockey Club 100 Club. Below is an outline of the rules. Please download a standing order form for the regular payments.

  1. Subscription is on an Annual basis entitling the member to one number which will be entered into the draws throughout the year (starting 1 October of each year).
  2. Subscriptions are currently £12 per annum (a standing order mandate is available below).
  3. Subscriptions are only available to individuals over the age of 16.
  4. One individual can have as many subscriptions as they require and they do not need to be members of Burton Hockey Club
  5. There will be 12 draws per annum. 
  6. Additional draws will be held at the discretion of the 100 club committee.
  7. Draws will take place at committee meetings, or other suitable events.
  8. There will be one or more prizes at each draw, totalling not more than 50% of the proceeds for that draw.
  9. The highest prize will be drawn first, followed by the next highest and so on until all prizes have been drawn.
  10. Once a prize has been won, that winning number is not eligible for further prizes in that draw.
  11. Subscriptions are not normally refundable, except in exceptional circumstances (see rule 12 below).
  12. Should the 100 Club be disbanded subscriptions will be returned to members based on the number of draws that the member has paid for, but have not taken place for that year. The refund will equal the annual subscription paid, minus one twelfth of the annual subscription for each draw (with each of the 2 special draws being equivalent to three twelfths of the annual subscription) that has taken place in that year.
  13. Unpaid subscriptions will result in numbers being resold.

Proposed Prizes (assuming 100 members)

Monthly Draw - total prize fund £36 (1 month)

  • 1st - £24
  • 2nd - £12